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Join Author Veronica Blade Author to celebrate her Young Adult Romance “Shapes of Autumn Series,” and the most recent installment, Thrown to the Wolves, on Thursday, May 1st.

Drop in between the hours of 4 – 9pm EST to celebrate this second book of the Shapes of Autumn series. Veronica will be sharing teasers from the book, and even has some amazing author friends stopping by to help her celebrate. Additionally, there will be lots of goodies up for grabs!

We hope to see you on May 1st! :)

>> WOLVES AT THE DOOR (Book 2, Shapes of Autumn) <<

[Amazon http://amzn.to/1tD3ur2 ]

Their forbidden love could cost them their lives…

Autumn’s just learned she’s a shape-shifter — something her parents should’ve told her long ago. Unless they adopted her and didn’t know she wasn’t human. Either way, learning the truth has the same outcome: her parents lied. Zack is the only one she can count on, but he’s a werewolf and the king’s decree forbids contact between the species, let alone love. Zack’s planning to leave after graduation, but letting him go isn’t an option. He’s becoming more a part of her every day, a part she would fight for, give up everything for — even kill for. If she’s not killed first.

If Zack’s experience with his own kind has taught him anything, it’s that werewolves can’t be trusted. He’d rather die free than live in a pack under the rule of the werewolf king. So, instead of preparing for college like any other senior, he’s planning to go on the run after graduation. Escaping won’t be easy with the werewolves guarding him. But until that day comes, Zack knows he’s endangering Autumn every moment he’s around her. If it’s this difficult staying away from her now, how hard will it be to leave her behind in just a few weeks?

BOOK TRAILER: http://youtu.be/GEXgVD1NblU

>> MY WOLF’S BANE (Book 1, Shapes of Autumn) <<

[Only $0.99 on Amazon http://amzn.to/1k6Ty3O B&N http://bit.ly/1praGa9 Read an Excerpt http://bit.ly/1jO2WYw ]

Different species.
Mortal enemies.
It’ll never work,
but they’ll die trying.

Autumn Rossi thought she was a normal teenager. Suddenly, she can outrun the creatures of the forest, making her wonder if she’s even human.

When the new guy at school, Zack de Luca, witnesses a questionable scene, he unfairly pins her as stuck-up. He acts like he hates her, yet he keeps bailing her out of trouble. Not only is Zack insufferable and irresistible, he seems to sniff her anytime he gets close.

As passion flares between them, Autumn isn’t sure which is more dangerous: her psycho ex-boyfriend, or falling for Zack — who’s risking his life just by being near her.

BOOK TRAILER: http://youtu.be/GEXgVD1NblU

>> CONNECT with Veronica on her website http://veronicablade.com/

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